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At the annual turtle races, Poindexter, the record holder, is trying to retain his title. As the race begins, Poindexter starts off racing North with a speed of 0.025 m/s. He retains this speed for 0.5 meters at which time he speeds up to 0.10 m/s. He continues at this rate for 0.75 meters. Tiring, he slows to 0.07 m/s and continues for another half of a meter. Applying all his concentration and effort for the last bit of the race he increases his speed to a swift 0.085 m/s. An exhausted Wood Turtle, Poindexter completes his two meter race beating his closest competitor by a nose.

A.In what amount of time did Poindexter run the race? (Show all your work.)
Time= Distance/Speed,
It was a 2 meter race= 0.5/.025=20, .75/.125=6, .5/.055=9.1, .25/0.085=2.9. 20+6+9.1+2.9=38seconds.

B.What was his average speed? (Show all your work.)
Average speed= total distance/ total time.
2/38=0.053m/s^2 Average Speed.

C.What was his displacement?
I have no idea?! Please help!

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