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Science Experiment

Determine a mathematical modelwhich describes the height of a ball in terms of th number of bounces after it has been droped from a given height.

If a ball that bounces like a tenniis ball, is dropped from a given height, then it will bounce to a height less than the previous height. Can you determine a mathemtical equation that will give the height of the ball after a certain number of bounces?

(I don't understand the question)

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    This is more of a math question. It is asking you to make an equation that when you enter in the required information, you will get the answer.

    The equation is:

    F = I x P^B-1

    F is final height of the ball.

    I is the initial height the ball starts at.

    B is the number of bounces the ball makes.

    P is the percentage of the height it loses after dropping.

    This means that the final height is equal to the initial height multiplied by the percentage to the exponent of the number of bounces minus one.

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