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3. One of the main problems challenging the economics of many African nations today is
a. a lack of diverse exports
b. increasing their export of raw material
c. competing with the industrial output of other African nations
d. making fishing more productive

4. The large area of land that the tropical rain forest covers in Africa
a. contains very fertile soil, but enviromentalists will not allow people to cut down the trees to plant crops.
b. is shrinking as the savanna expands to take away land from the rain forest.
c. has poor soil because of leaching, which takes away nutrients
d. is located along the eastern coast of the continent

13. The Southern tip of South Africa contains which of the following types of forests?
a. tropical rainforests
b. chaparral
c. broadleaf evergreen
d. mid-latitude deciduous


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    7. Keeping people healthy is a challenge in Africa because
    a. governments are not concerned about health matters
    b. drought and famine cause poor diets and weaken the health of many people
    c. modern medicine has not yet reached the continent
    d. hurricanes and earthquakes cause widespread damage

    15. Which of the following problems is NOT a result of Egypt's growing population?
    a. overcrowded cities
    b. emigration of educated professionals to other countries
    c. a diminishing food supply
    d. widespread unemployment


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    3 and 4 are correct.

    13 is wrong. The southern part of South Africa is about the same latitude as the state of Georgia.

    7 -- It's a choice between A and B. Check your book.
    15 -- probably right.

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    Errr still don't know 13..the map didn't help much :|

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    My book tells me its A

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    I think the map is very helpful. It shows thicket as the biome in southern South Africa.

    Which of your choices means "thicket?"

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    Is it possible you're misreading your book or that your book is wrong?

    Check these sites.

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    is it C?


  • Geography -

    Does thicket mean broadleaf evergreen?

  • Geography -

    I don't know what it means!

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    MC -- one of the first tasks of a student is to be sure you understand the words in your text and in your questions.

    Obviously you don't understand one or more words. Look them up.

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