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Need these three checked--

28. In recent years, many Indians have
a. moved from rural areas to the cities in search of better educational and exployment oppurtunities
b. returned to rural villages and to tradition ways of life
c. left India's large, overcrowded cities to live in small towns
d. moved from remote villages to small towns

29. The Indus River is important to Pakistan because the river
a. is held sacred by Muslims
b. drains the flood waters left by the monsoons
c. deposits rich silt behind the Tarbela Dam
d. provides water for irrigation

30. Because of its location and physical terrain, Afghanistan
a. is threatened by dangerous flood waters during the summer monsoons.
b. has been a route for merchants and soldiers crossing from China to India
c. is the leading agricultural and trading nation in the region
d. is isolated from other countries in the region


  • Geography -

    All are correct.

  • Geography -

    the longest river in the northern forest in the ............ river

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