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If the price of gasoline in Germany is about $1 per liter, what is the equivalent price of gasoline in dollars per gallon?

I know that
1 gallon =3.79 liter
l liter= 0.26 gallon
but I am not sure how to figure the cost?

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    $1.00 * 3.79 = ?

    You must have an old book. The current German price of gasoline per gallon is $7.08.

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    1 litre costs $1
    so 3.79 litres cost $3.79

    but 3.79 litres = 1 US gallon

    so it costs $3.79 per gallon

    (BTW, it is much more expensive than that in Germany.
    They are currently paying about $7 per US gallon)

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    Heh, Ms. Sue and I found exactly the same webpage!
    What a coincidence.

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    Ms. Sue that's public schools for ya!

    Thank you both for your help!!!

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    Home schoolers seem to have even older books. <g>

    You're very welcome.

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    A gas station purchases gasoline from a refinery at the unit price of $3.20 per gallon and sells it to their customers at $3.68 per gallon.

    What is the percent markup?

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