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AED 200

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What are the fundamental differences between Western philosophies and Native North American ways of knowing? (Generally, how does each culture view the world and education?) How can you incorporate seemingly different ways of knowing in your curriculum? When responding to your classmates' posts, take the role of a student of a Native North American culture and ask a what if question.

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    What do you know about Western philosophies?

    What do you know about Native American ways of knowing?

    After you've answered these questions from what you've learned, you should be able to apply these answers to your ways of knowing.

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    Western philosophy has tended to emphasize logic and materialism; where as Eastern ways of knowing in general, stress the inner rather than the outer world, intuition rather than sense, and mysticism rather than scientific discoveries.

    Eastern ways of knowing emphasize order, regularity, and patience that is proportional ways of knowing begin with the inner world and then reach to the outer world of phenomena.

    In the Indian thought the Western philosophers, opposites need to be reconciled; but to the Eastern mind, this need for consistency is unimportant. The Chinese thought emphasis the Far Eastern Chinese philosophy on harmony.

    How you can imcorporate seemingly different ways of knowing in your curriculum?
    This part is just all about how you would incorporate the ways of knowing into your curriculum.

    I hope that this helps you with this class. I have already taken this class and passed it with an A out of the class.

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    Is it legal for others to help answer simple DQs for a college level student on this website? Will this not stifle the college student? Instructors want to know....

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    what is the native north American ways of knowing

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    How is it wrong to converse with other students and ask for help with homework?

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    No, Its not wrong for college level student to ask for help. Maybe if Instructor would explain more clearly, us student wouldn't have to ask for help.

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