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So, I need to find the area of this shape. It's an irregular shape, and I don't know how to figure it out.
The shape looks like,
/| |
25 / | | 20
/ | |
/ | |
15 15
I was told the answer was 450.
Though I don't know how to figure 450 out?

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    Ahh. The shape didn't show.
    Basically, it's a rectangle with like a triangle on the side of it.
    15 on the top,
    25 on the side with the triangle point, 20 on the right side,
    15 on the bottom, where the triangle is.
    and 15 on the bottom of the rectangle

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    *********/| |
    ********/ | | 20
    *****25/ | |
    ******/ | |

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    I'm guessing that it's a rectangle 15 across and 20 high, with a triangle on its left side, a right-angled triangle, 20 high and 15 at its base, with a hypotenuse of 25.

    And you need the area.

    The area of the rectangle is 15 * 20 = 300.

    The area of the triangle is half the base times the perpendicular height =

    (1/2) * 15 * 20 = 150.

    And all that adds up to 450!

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