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For this question there is a picture of different size fish with stripes. There are a total of 7 fat fish. 3 of them have broad stripes and the remaining 4 have thin stripes. There is also a total of 21 small fish. 9 of them have broad stripes and the remaining 12 have thin stripes. The first question asks if fat fish are more likey to have broad stripes thatn thin fish. My answer was no and it was correct. The second question asks what is the reason that fat fish are not more likely to have broad stripes than thin fish.

The answers are:
1) 3/7 fat fish have broad stripes.
2) 12/28 are broad striped and 16/28 are narrow striped.
3) 3/7 of the fat fish have broad stripes and 9/21 of the thin fish have broad stripes.
4) Some fish with broad stripes are thin and some are fat.

I think the answer is number three. Is this correct?

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    That should be correct. Because then they both have the same ratio when reduced.

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