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can someone please help me by giving me suggestions for a topic,for my Descriptive Essay

it can be about anything; that can be described

please give me some suggestions. because i'm not sure what to write on, and i'm going to be asking for help a lot in the essay too.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    Drafting-Organization Sheet
    1. ____________________________________
    (Broad Subject)

    2. ____________________________________
    (Limited Topic for Thesis Statement

    3. ____________________________________
    (Main Idea about This Topic)
    ((how do you feel about this topic))
    ((what is your opinion about this topic or issue))

    4.Three-Step Format for Thesis Statement:
    (Specific Support for Paragraph #2)
    (Specific Support for Paragraph #3)
    (Specific Support for Paragraph #4)

    5. Thesis Statement with Three-Step Format:

    i will give an example that shows how to do all of this

  • Grammar and Composition -

    These sites have ideas for topics as well as suggestions about how to write an excellent descriptive essay. Be sure to choose a topic that you feel strongly about.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    ex. from my text:

    Broad Subject: Walt Disney World
    Limited Topic: Epcot Theme Park
    Main idea about this topic: Adventure
    Thesis without three-step format: Epcot Theme Park is an adventure filled with journeys.

    Three-step Format for thesis:
    1. journeys to exotic lands
    2. high-tech playthings
    3. unbelievable spectacles

    To form a thesis statement that contains the three-step format, simply combine the three basic ideas with the thesis statement. Here are thesis statements that could be used for a five-paragraph essay. Actually, you can present the thesis statement with a three-step format in different ways:
    1. Epcot Theme Park is an adventure filled with jouneyes to exotic lands, high-tech playtings, and unbelievable spectacles.
    2. Journeys to exotic lands, high-tech playthings, and unbelievable spectacles are some of the adventures that you will discover at Epcot Theme Park at Walt Disney World.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    ok..i want to write about a place.
    here are some that i thought of:
    my room
    Asheville, NC- family's fav vacation spot

  • Grammar and Composition -

    Asheville sounds like a great place to describe.

    Go for it -- and good luck!

    I suggest you write as much as you can, then put it aside for a day or two. When you come back to it, you'll be able to read it with fresh eyes and ideas.

    Finally, when you're near a final draft, please post it here, and we'll be glad to help you polish it.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    I think writing about Asheville would be fantastic... It is an interesting, beautiful place with lots of possibilities of things to describe.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    alright thanks

  • Grammar and Composition -

    and one more thing..
    since that is my narrow topic..what would be the broad topic. beacuse i have to list them both: the broad and the narrow

    or if this is the broad, how could i narrow it down


  • Grammar and Composition -

    Pick about three things you want to describe about Asheville. Then incorporate them into your thesis statement.

    In other words, Asheville is your broad topic. The three aspects of it is your narrow topic.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    um...i don't think that's how i'm supposed to do it.
    asheville will be the broad topic
    then i have to pick a narrower topic
    then make a thesis , and then a three-step thesis. both about the more narrower topic..

    i need help narrowing the topic

  • Grammar and Composition -

    or..what if my broad topic is:
    vacation spots

    and i narrow it to:
    Asheville, NC

    is that ok?

  • Grammar and Composition -

    I stand by my original idea. Asheville is your broad topic. The specific places constitutes your narrow topic.

    Maybe something like this?

    Asheville is a fabulous place for scenic hiking, shopping for locally made crafts, and delicious meals.

  • Grammar and Composition -

    I agree totally with MsSue. Asheville is the broad topic. Then choose 3 things about the place that make it a super vacation spot. They would be your support.

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