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math algebra 1

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There are 4 times as many nickels as dimes in a coin bag. The coins have a total value of 600 cents ($6.00). Find the number of nickels. Write and solve an equation to do so.

(i found the answer through guess and check but i need to know the equation....btw the answer is 80 nickels and 20 dimes....plz help me find the equation)

  • math algebra 1 -

    Let n be the number of nickels
    d the number of dimes

    n = 4d because we are told "4 times as many nickels as dimes"

    The total value is:

    n * 5 + d * 10 = 600

    Divide across by 5:

    n + 2d = 120

    and n=4d, so

    4d + 2d = 120

    6d = 120
    d= 20

    So n = 4d = 80

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