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check these:
list one example of each figurative language device.

The robber was as quiet as a mouse.

The teacher had a heart of stone

While gazing up at the night sky I saw a smiling moon looking down at me.

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    i'm confused on these. i really need help!
    this is what my book says about them:

    'Another way to support the thesis statement is to emphasize point. Emphasis is the special attention given to a particular word or point. You can also use repetition. Repetition is saying something more than once. By using repetition, you tell your reader that something is really important.
    Example: If you were writing an essay on deforestation in the Amazon, you might say the following: "Scientists estimate that as many as fifty million acres of tropical rain forests are destroyed annually. imagine that--fifty million acres!"

    You can also use repetition without repeating a statement word for word. You can use restatement. Restatement is the repetition of an idea using different words.
    Example: You might say, "During the last 200 years, more than 125 species of birds and mammals have become extinct. That's not 125 individuals, but 125 different kinds of animals gone forever." With this restatement, the idea is repeated, but the language is different.

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    My friend loves eating chocolate eclairs, taking moonlit walks, and singing classic jazz

    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

    "A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." -Charles Darwin

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    A rhetorical question:

    (this kind of question provokes thought and helps get the reader involved in your subject matter.)
    ex. OLD INTRO:
    drunk driving is very dangerous. it can cause accidents that kill or injure thousands of people every year. in fact, last year over 25,000 people died because people drink and drive

    A rhetorical question:
    What's the number-one killer of young people between the ages of 18 and 21? Cancer? Heart disease? No. The main cause of dead young adults is alcohol--alcohol mixed with automobiles--a dadly combination

    A startling fact or surprise:

    ex. Imagine a line of dead and mangled bodies stretching for twenty-five miles--25,000 corpses. That is the number of victims of drunk driving every year.

    i need help on these two too!

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    Your first examples are correct.

    Your book gives good examples of repetition and restatement. Using the rainforest example, you could emphasize how much rainforest is destroyed each year by stating that 50 million acres is more than the whole state of Georgia with a total of about 37 million acres.

    Check this site about rhetorical questions.

    Your book gave a good example of a startling fact.

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