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Hello, I am from Norway, I am not good in english and I hope someone could help me with this text. I should write about if the wolves should live or not. A letter to the editor. Here is what i've writen so far. PS, it must be in formal english. I wonder if someone could just correct it. Im 16 years old. Thanks in advance :-)

Dear editor

I have read your article and I think it is good but I do not see why the wolves should live instead of the farmers animal. What do we need wolves for? What about the sheep's? Should not they also deserve to live. In other countries many people die because of the wolves, what is going to happen here if the farmers begin to cage the sheep's. Will the wolves start going after children?

If the wolves should live they should live in a sanctuary, because the wolves harass the sheep when they kill them. The butcher takes in consider to annotate as minimalistic suffering as possible when the animals are being slaughtered. With experience, they know how to kill them the fastest and most human way. If this is not the case in Norway then the FSA (Norwegian Food Safety Authority) will stop the butcher.

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    Morning! Looking at the grammar (and I agree about the wolves):
    farmer's animal = possessive, the animal of the farmer & if you want animals = plural = farmer's animals

    New sentence required = wolves, What is going to h appen

    plural, not sheep's (possessive) but sheep.

    how to fix "The butcher" = takes into consideration the suffering when the animals are being slaughtered.

    I'm not sure what you want to say about the butcher = does the butcher worry about the sheep?

    Here, in Alaska, they are killing all the wolves they can by airplane, just the adults. But that means the "pups" will die without parents to feed them - in the dens. Inhuman, in my book. I understand how farmers feel having their sheep slaughtered by wolves, but protect the sheep OR kill just those wolves. = There's my opinion!


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    "I'm not sure what you want to say about the butcher = does the butcher worry about the sheep?"

    I want to say that the FSA will stop the butcher doing what he do if he harass the animals. Thanks for helping me :-D

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