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What strides have individual people or groups in the category of the Freedom of Religion made in the past 10 years?
My answer: The ACLU has made tremendomous strides in limiting the practice of Christianity. The ACLU has done everything in their power that they can to outlaw a certain religion because as an anti-American organization or group the ACLU feels the need to tear down anything that goes with freedom of any kind.
Another thing about strides is this: There are a whole lot of different churches or synagues in America. People of all different types of religions get to go to their own place to worship such as churches or synagues without being killed. Peole get to wear the sign or symbol of their religion on their clothes without being told that they cannot. People are permited to be atheist without being punished.
Is this what the question is wanting?

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    Your first paragraph is totally wrong! The ACLU is not anti-American. It is one of the strongest American organizations and defends anyone whose rights have been abridged. In addition, it has not even tried to outlaw any religions. Where on earth did you get that idea???

    Your question asks what improvements have been made for freedom of religion in the last 10 years. Within that short time, the only difference I see is that Muslims are better understood and accepted here.

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    When I sent you my information I sent the wrong thing. I know that the ACLU is not anti-American. Sorry.

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