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I have 2 problems that I just need to know if they are right
1. Add, Simplify if possible
3/14w + 11/49w
Answer that I got was
2. Add, simplify if possible
9b/3b-9 + 6b/9b-27
I am not sure about this one
I got two answers
81b+6b/34b-108 or
please help

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    1. is correct, but not completed:

    (21+22)/98w (careful to use the brackets)

    2. I went wrong on this one myself, by taking the question down wrong, but I have it straight now.

    Divide 6b/(9b-27) top and bottom by 3. You can do that without changing its value. So

    6b/(9b-27) = 2b/(3b-9)

    Now you're left with 9b/(3b-9) + 2b(3b-9) and I'm sure you can see your way from there.

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    reduce all anwser to thir lowesr terms

  • Math -

    reduce all anwser to thir lowesr terms 12/25 5/18?

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