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I'm writing an essay about the character Ulysses.
I need to make a personal connection with him, though I'm not sure how?

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    Whose character Ulysses? Tennyson, Joyce, or Greek mythology?

    I would start with Tennyson, who paint Ulysses as a hero in old age.

    Search Tennyson Ulysses.

    On thing of the mythology Ulysses....he overcame enemies who betrayed him, regained his "wife", and became a hero to his people. Have you ever overcome cunning enemies?

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    Bernard Evslin's Ulysses?
    I haven't really over come cunning enemies.

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    Have you ever been seen as a hero in anyway? Maybe you were seen as a hero in your family's eyes or another child?

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    Googling, I am guessing that this is from "The Adventures Of Ulysses" by Evslin, and that that book mostly extracts stories from The Odyssey. I don't know Evslin, but given the Odyssey as a source, I can guess at the characterisation.

    He sailed in a ship to return to his kingdom. I'm guessing you didn't do that, :-) but there may be other things you have in common.

    I'm not sure that Ulysses' enemies were especially wily, but he himself is famous for getting out of tight spots by tricks and cunning plans rather than by fighting. Think of the Cyclops and the sheep, or plugging his men's ears so they wouldn't hear the song of the sirens. Have you ever got yourself out of trouble, or avoided trouble, by quick thinking or being clever?

    He also got information and hospitality by being friendly with people he met in his travels. Has someone you made friends with ever helped you?

    Another attribute to focus on might be his determination to get home. Ulysses had to make his way back home after the Trojan war, despite many obstacles, being lost, being held captive. Have you ever had to pursue an objective despite events or people being against you? He defeated or escaped the problems one at a time. Did you do that?

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