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Could someone please tell me if I did this question right?

An incomplete reaction of 12.125 grams of propane proceeds as follows.

2C3H8+11O2 --> 3CO2+4H2O+2CO+C(s)

How many grams of solid carbon residue are produced as a product?

My answer:

Step 1)
Balanced the given chemical equation:

2C3H8 + 11O2=3CO2+ 4H2O + 2CO + C
=7C3H8 + 19O2=6CO + 28H2O + 4CO + 11C

Step 2)
Convert 12.125 grams of propane to moles:


step 3)
The ratio of propane to carbon is 7:11(or 1 to 1.5714). Therefore, for every mole of propane there will be 1.5714 moles of carbon.

1.5714(.27497mol)=.41630mol of carbon.

step 4)
Convert back to grams.
= 5.0000g

In the given reaction, 5.0000g of solid carbon will be produced.

Thanks for your help.

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    Thank you.

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    I have news for you. The equation you wrote isn't balanced; therefore, if you have the right answer it is only because the coefficients just happened to work out that way.

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