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i have to write a five-sentence paragraph with varied sentence beginnings on a topic.
topic: place you would like to visit:

it can either be descriptive, narrative, expository, or persuasive.

i think i'm doing descriptive

Part 1--Brainstorm List

-place i'd like to visit: Dubai

Topic Sentence _____________ - specific topic
_____________________ - specific impression (your impression of your topic)

support ___________________________
support ____________________________

concluding sentence __________________

use the details above to create each sentence for your paragraph.

Part 2--Five-Sentence Paragraph

- The first sentence is the topic sentence
Ex: The place I would like to visit most is Florida

Your topic sentence:

- The second sentence begins with an -ing word
Example: Swimming in the crystal clear water of Key West would be an incredible feeling.

Your second sentence:

- The third sentence begins with "To" plus action words.
Ex: To experience the wonders of Disney World would make me feel like a six-year-old agian.

Your third sentence:

- The fourth sentence begins with a prepositiomal phrase.
Ex. during a visit to florida, i also would lvoe to see Miami Beach and the fabulous hotels.

Your fourth sentence:

-The last sentence is the concluding sentence. This sentence summarizes your paragraph. Begin the last sentence with a words such as finally, certainly, surely, consequently, or hopefully.
Ex. Hopefully, my wishes will someday come true.

Your concluding sentence:

please help me

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    i need help because i don't really know why i want to visit dubai. i just always wanted to. i don't even know the special things that they have over there. so i don't know how to start with the outline. maybe i could include the fact that my cousins live there..?

    Dubai -specific topic
    a place i want to visit-specific impression

    support #1- visit my relatives over there..?
    support #2

    surely one day i will get to go there-concluding sentence

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    Since this is a descriptive paragraph, you'll need to describe Dubai.

    This site may help you develop a topic sentence and descriptions of Dubai.

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    well i don't thin i'm suppose to describe it in the topic sentence.

    but i will need to do that in the supports
    support#1 - The Burj Al Arab is the world's tallest hotel.
    support#2 - desert activities
    support#3 - beaches?

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    You're supposed to make a general statement in your topic sentence. I saw a sentence in the website that would make a great topic sentence.

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    Dubai is fast becoming the Paris of the Middle East"?

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    Yes! That would make an excellent topic sentence!

    Then support it with facts about Dubai's culture, shopping, and entertainment.

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    am i allowed to quote it directly
    or do i hve
    to rephrase it?

    and.i'm only allowed to write five if this is my topic

    sentence. then where do i tell that

    it's one of the place that i want to

    concluding sentence?

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    Yes, I'd include the fact that you most want to visit Dubai in your conclusion.

    You don't really have to rephrase your topic sentence, although I'd leave out "fast." But you could also say, Dubai is becoming the cultural capital of the Middle East.

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