Grammar and Composition [Ms.Sue]

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2. After the blizzard, many travelers were stranded at the airport, and they had to stay at nearby hotels to get some rest and make alternate travel plans in the morning.
a. this is a simple sentence
b. this is a compound sentence
c. this is a complex sentence
d. this is a compound-complex sentence

4. We could study at my house, we could to go the library.
a. run-on--replace the comma with a semicolon to make a complete sentence
b. run-on--add the word "or" after the comma to make a complete sentence
c. run-on--replace the comma with a period and capitalize the "W" in we to make a complete sentence
d. all of the above are suggestions to fix the run-on


so #2 will be-compound? or complex...

aare you sure about #4?..because the first choice doesn't sound right.

  1. Writeacher

  2. Ms. Sue

    The first choice in # 4 may not "sound" right to you -- but it is, nevertheless, correct.

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