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Instead of analyzing the setting of the short story Thank You Ma'am, I'm now doing it on the vignette "Salvador Late or Early." [If you havn't read it, go ahead because it's really short]

I have to give:
1. Description of the setting

2. atmosphere/mood established by setting

3. effects of the setting on characters

4. emotional effect of setting on readers

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    This is what I have:

    1. The description in the vignette is "homes are the color of bad weather" and "lives behind a raw doorway"

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    3. The setting shows that Salvador lives in poverty and has the responsibilities of an adult.

    4. For me, Salvador is a very lovable character. They way Cisneros has described him makes the reader feel for him; he is very responsible and seems kind. The setting seems like a place where I wouldn't want to live but it suits the lifestyle of Salvador.

    I'm not sure if I've answered these correctly..are they alright?

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    It's not letting me post the second answer...

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    4. Yes, Salvador is loveable, but that doesn't tell what the effect of the setting is on readers.

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    I thought so; how can i answer this then?


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    To me, the setting and tone are unrelentingly depressing.

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