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Instead of analyzing the setting of the short story Thank You Ma'am, I'm now doing it on the vignette "Salvador Late or Early." [If you havn't read it, go ahead because it's really short]

I have to give:
1. Description of the setting

2. atmosphere/mood established by setting

3. effects of the setting on characters

4. emotional effect of setting on readers

  1. mysterychicken

    This is what I have:

    1. The description in the vignette is "homes are the color of bad weather" and "lives behind a raw doorway"

  2. mysterychicken

    3. The setting shows that Salvador lives in poverty and has the responsibilities of an adult.

    4. For me, Salvador is a very lovable character. They way Cisneros has described him makes the reader feel for him; he is very responsible and seems kind. The setting seems like a place where I wouldn't want to live but it suits the lifestyle of Salvador.

    I'm not sure if I've answered these correctly..are they alright?

  3. mysterychicken

    It's not letting me post the second answer...

  4. Ms. Sue

    4. Yes, Salvador is loveable, but that doesn't tell what the effect of the setting is on readers.

  5. mysterychicken

    I thought so; how can i answer this then?


  6. Ms. Sue

    To me, the setting and tone are unrelentingly depressing.

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