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I need to come up with a thesis for my next essay regarding Race and Culture. I want to talk about how people judge others by the color of their skin or their race. For example, I feel offended that because I'm asian, people expect me to know my math and I don't. I am really horrible at math.

I need help on a thesis:

Because America is the meling pot of the world, people must realize that each individual is human like everyone else and should stop judging others by the color of their skin or stereotyping due to race.

I need to relate my essay to stories in chapter 8 and 9 of "Rereading America."

Notes on the State of Virgina by Thomas Jefferson
Causes of Prejudice by Vincent N. Parrillo
C.P. Ellis by Studs Terkel
I'm Black, You're White, Who's Innocent by Shelby Steele
Talking About Racism: How our Dialogue Gest Short-Circuited by Paul L. Wachtel
Models of American Ethnic Relations: A Historical Perspective by George M Fredrickson
Assimilation by Sherman Alexie

I must pick 3 stories to quote from.

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    Your thesis would be much better if you didn't preach and tell your reader what they "must" or "should" do.

    I'm sure you can make a convincing thesis about how all people are human with strenghts and weaknesses, regardless of their ethnic background.

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    Hmm i thought if it is an "argumentative" essay then it would okay to say that. My professor has not said anything about my last 3 essays. I got A's on all of them.

    Is this thesis any better?

    As the United States continue to evolve becoming the "melting pot" of the world, people of different cultures tend to judge others by stereotyping and not realize that all people are humans like everyone else with unique personalities, regardless of race or ethnic background.

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    Can you support your thesis with three good solid arguments?

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    Okay my professor approved of the second thesis, now I just need 3 solid arguments to support my thesis.

    I thought I would support it by discussing what is and the differences of racism, stereotyping, prejudice in my first paragraph.

    Second paragraph maybe discussing how people may appear to be "asian" or any specific race but it may not be the case. May talk about clothing or styles of dress of different cultures but anyone can dress any way and does not mean that they are from that culture.

    3rd supporting paragraph may talk about different races or ethnic background. Just because a person has dark skin, it does mean he is necessarily Latino, when he could be from Guatemala. Or just because they are asian, it does not mean they are not American or from America. and maybe jobs and careers. Blacks can make it in this country just as well as Asians or whites. One should not be surprised if they seen a Latino or black person managing a corporate company.

    What do you think?

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