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I have to write a short essay on the believablity of Pheobe Winterbottom from Walk Two Moons.
This is what my book tells me:
"When you write an analysis of a character, you might want to include your assessment of the character's believability. That is, does the character behave and talk the way a person in real life would? Does the character seem like an individual, or is he/she a stereotype? (Another word for believability is credibility)"

I need help writing this about her because I don't know where to start, what to include, and how to write it.
Please help, as I have been stuck on this for a while now


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    I also have to answer these questions on her:

    1. Does she change in an important way in the story?

    2. What or who causes the change?

    These are my answers:

    1. I think Pheobe does change in the end of the story; she is less paranoid about lunatics trying to kidnap her or her mom and she also becomes more understanding towards her family.

    2. Pheobe's mom and half brother change her in the story because after their secret is revealed, Pheobe's accusations on her mom and brother are gone and she learns to live with her new brother.

    Is this OK?


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    Your answers to the two questions looks correct, although I'm not familiar with this book.

    For your essay -- first decide whether the character is believable. Then defend your decision with incidents and quotations from the book.

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    Alllrighhty, thanks!

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