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which of the following statements are true?

a) For an acid H-O-A : the greater the electronegativity of A, the weaker the acid HA

b) For an acid H-A : the weaker the H-A bond, the stronger the acid H-A

c) HF is a stronger acid than HCl

d) HClO4 is a weaker acid than HClO2

e) HBrO is a stronger acid than HClO

f) For carboxylic acids : the greater the electronegativities of the atoms in the group bonded to the carboxyl group, the stronger the acid

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    oh and can someone explain too, also I think c and d are false, e and f are true but I don't know about a and b...
    which ones are true? help

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    a is false. b is true.
    c and d are false.
    f is true if we are comparing FCH2COOH vs
    CH3COOH but I don't know if that is what the statement says or not.
    For e, look up Ka for HOBr and HOCl. I find HOCl about 10^-8 and HOBr about 10^-9 which makes HOCl stronger and that agrees with a being false.

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