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Grammar and Composition

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Please check these:

Put parenthesis around the prepositional phrases and CAPITALIZE the prepositions. then list two other prepositions that could be used in the sentences.

1. We walked (TO the park.)
-around the park
-inside the park

2. I found my pencil (UNDER the chair.)
-near the chair
-over the chair

3. Our guests arrived (BEFORE the snowstorm.)
-during the snowstorm
-after the snowstorm

4. There is a cabin (BESIDE the lake.)
-behind the lake
-across the lake

5. The ball flew (PAST the batter.)
-near the batter
-toward the batter


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    Excellent again! :-)

    But I'm not sure what "behind the lake" means. How about (NEAR the lake)?

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    ok. and thank you

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    You're welcome.

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