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What is 7(y+3)+2y simplified? and if possible, can you break down how you got it?
Simplifying equations confuses me easily.

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    7y + 21 + 2y
    9y + 21

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    multiply 7 with y and 3
    collect like terms

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    Tasuba -- I think you've misread the problem. I don't see any minus signs in the original problem.

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    The first thing you should do is try to remove the brackets. You can do this by using distributivity. In symbols, this means the following:

    a*(b + c) = a*b + a*c

    As you can see, the first term of the equation is 7*(y+3)
    So, using distributivity, we find that
    7*(y+3) = 7*y + 7*3 = 7y + 21
    So, the equation can be simplified in the following manner:

    7(y+3)+2y = 7y + 21 + 2y

    Now, we have to terms with y. if we put them together, we get:

    7y + 2y + 21

    If we use the formula of distributivity in reverse, we find that:

    7y + 2y = (7+2)*y = 9y

    So, the equation can be further simplified in the following manner:

    7y+2y+21 = 9y + 21

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