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What could Lousi XVI and Marie Antoinette have done to make themselves more popular with the people and perhaps avoid the necessity of the French Revolution.

Please mention as many reasons as you can. Thanks

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    What do you think they could have done to make themselves more popular with the people?

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    I think they should have made an effort to understand and see other peoples points of views, and not just think about themselves. They should have listened to others opinions, and from that they could make appropriate decisions.

    Can you please add more reasons, this is what I could take out, thanks.

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    What appropriate decisions should they have made? Please be specific.

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    well thay both kind of lacked good qualities.

    Louis XVI was a laughing stock of his court, and Marie just got involved in court affairs for her own benefit, and not for the good of the country.

    I am still in need of help.

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    Sara -- what did the poor people want and need? How could the king and queen have helped them???

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    The poor people wanted food, shelter, and some clothing; They wanted things that were necessary for them to have. The king and queen could have helped by giving the poor, starving people food, and some money. Marie and Louis spent money unnecessarily, on useless luxuries. Everyone was dying and starving, but Louis and Marie didn't do anything about that. Sometimes Louis would just kill people randomly. Louis and Marie were just living an extravagantly wasteful life. Louis kept on raising taxes, instead of decreasing them, he should have thought twice before taking such a step.

    please add more, if you can, thanks.

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    You're getting closer.

    The biggest and best thing the king and queen could have done is to drastically lower the taxes they imposed on the poor people. That possibly could have prevented the French Revolution.

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    Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette could have drastically lowered the taxes they imposed on the poor people. Instead of wasting money for their own use, they could provided food, and all the necessary things to have for the poor to live.

    Is this good, if it doesn't make sense at the end, then can you please change it around, thanks.

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    Great! You've got it now! :-)

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    thanks alot Ms. Sue:-) couldn't have done this without you:-)

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    You're very welcome, Sara.

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