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please check these answers for me:

Underline all the nouns in the following sentences. Above each, LABEL whether it is concrete or abstract by writing a "C" or an "A." This part is worth 18 points.

1. Lorie and her friends went to a movie on the Fourth of July.

(Lorie: C
friends: C
movie: C
Fourth of July: A )

i'm confused about the last one.i think it could be C because it tells a specific time

2. American enjoy more freedom than many people around the world.

(freedom: A
people: C
world: C )

3. The teacher assigned homework.

(teacher: C
homework: C )

4. In the midst of the excitement, Samuel lost his pencil on the bus.

(excitement: A
Samuel: C
pencil: C
bus: C )

5. Tom could see the anger on his face.

(Tom: C
anger: A
face: C )

my book says:
Concrete nouns name something that is tangible. you can see, touch, taste, smell, or hear these words.
examples: see--sky
taste--ice cream

Concrete nouns also name things that have a specific definition, such as nouns that refer to time or date.
examples: Labor Day
Five O'Clock

Abstract nouns name an idea, a feeling, a quality, or a characteristic. These are things that cannot be touched or seen. These are words that could have several definitions depending upon the way you interpret them.
examples: hate

thanks for checking

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    1. Fourth of July is a concrete noun.

    2. You missed a noun, but your classifications are correct.

    3. Correct

    4. You missed a noun but the rest is right.

    5. Correct

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    2. American:C
    4. Not sure what the other noun is

  • Grammar and Composition -

    4. Every "the, a, an" in a sentence must be followed by a noun. Does that help you see the noun you missed?

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