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I have to use the hints given to find out what place is being talked about-

31. "We had our picnic near the capital of this new nation, which used to be the eastern part of Czechoslovakia."

32. "The person collecting these samples writes that she lives in the capital of this country, whose flag has blue, yellow, and red, vertical stripes. She collected these samples from a part of the river about 25 miles south of her hometown. She says that the source of pollution is industry on her country's side of the river."

33. "This person works in a chemical plant. He said that he could smell the river from his desk. The factory is located near the country's capital. He mentioned that the Danube makes a ninety degree turn from east to south just after it enters his country."

Each of these are worth 5 points so please help!!


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    Yes, Slovakia is right. What is its capital?

    I think you'll find your answers in these sites.

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    31. Bratislava
    32. ?
    33. Bucharest, Romania


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    Of those flags, only two are from European countries. Which one fits the rest of the clues?

    Your answers on the first and third are correct.

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    Andorra is in Europe -- but it's not the one cited in the clue -- mainly because it doesn't have a major river.

    I guess there are three flags belonging to European countries. Keep researching.

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    Moldova is probably right.

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