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i have an assignment which i'm really confused on. here it is:

usually when you want ot define a word, you reach for a dictionary because that's the best source for finding the precise meaning, or definition, of a word. however, we will explore the ways writers sometimes extend definitions by illustrating how some words go far beyond their dictionary definitions.

for example; when you look up the word KNOWLEDGE in the dictionary, the most common definition will look something like this: "Acquaintance with facts, truths or principles, as from study or investigation; familiarity, as with a subject, language, or branch of learning." and while such definitions provide the basic meaning of the word knowledge, they don't discuss the fact that each person's experiences may extend that basic definition, adding many facets to that term.
let's say mary believes that knowledge consists of the facts, truths, and principles that everyone accepts, such as the understanding that the world is round, and that the human body is made up mostly of water. but mary, who lives in a rural area, also thinks of knowledge as the practical learning that she has attained in order to live successfully in her environment.
to mary, the knoledge that snakes are afraid of moving objects, such as pinwheels, might encourage her to put pinwheels in her country garden to keep the snakes away...

the assignment says: Write a paragraph in which you extend the definition of one of the following words or phrases:P snacking; doing chores; getting dressed; or hanging out. use your own experiences in creating your paragraph.

i don't get it at all :(

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    Stars (by Lori L'Heureux)

    (Importance of term:) How many of us as children longed to be famous when we grew up? Many of us admired a certain celebrity and wanted to be just like him or her when we got older. we wanted to be a star.(Word/concept to be defined:) The word "star," used to describe a celebrity, first came into use around 1830. before this, there was no special term to label performers who, on their own, could draw large numbers of spectators to a performance or an athletic contest. (Background and History:) The lack of a term for such a celebrity probably reflected a greater emphasis on the performance or athletic event than on the individual performer or athlete. but as the role of talented individuals became more important, a word for it was needed. many words, old or newly fashioned, might have served, but the noun borrowed from gazing at the night sky somehow captured the emerging role .
    (effects and importance:) stars, indeed, have an enormous impact on our lives. they are recognized throughout society, observed closely onstage and off, thought about, talked abaout, emulated, even dreamed about. stardom is a vital force in out culture.
    (define by negation:) Because so many people perceive the work stars do as a form of upgraded play, they understand only imperfectly the work life of celebrity entertainers. according to Jib Fowles, many stars resent the stereogypes that have been created for them over the last century. ...

    this is a small part of the example my book gave. on stars. it goes on ...

    but i just posted it to show an example of what i have to do. except, i just need to write one paragraph

    pleeease help me

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    Choose a word, give its dictionary definition, and then expand on that from your own experiences.

    For instance, the dictionary defines snacking as eating a light meal, especially between meals.

    If you were to choose snacking, you could include what and when you snack. Do you eat a "light meal" or do you just grab a banana or a bag of chips or a cookie or a handful of nuts or??? Do you have a snack just before bed? Why?

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    ok, thanks for explaining that

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    You're welcome.

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