7th grade- Social Studies

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I need help on these questions!

Q.ow many brothers did Andrew Johnson have and what were their name(s)?

A. I wrote Hugh and Robert but I am not sure if that is right.

Q. What happened to the Johnson's home during the Civil War?

A. I could not find the answer on this one.

Q. What "prank" did Andrew and his brothers play that caused them to run away because they feared they would be arrested?

A. They threw stones at the window of the home of some local girls.

Q. Where and When was Andrew Johnson born?

A. 1865 in Tennessee.

Q. When, where and how did Andrew Johnon die

A. July 31, 1875 at Carter Station, Tennessee from a heart attack.

Q. Why do you think Lincoln did not abolish slavery everywhere in the United States.

A. We know that he freed anout one million slaves in the US, but I am unsure why he did not abolish slavery everywhere.

Thank you.

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