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The question is:
What would happen if you tested bleach with a pH indicator and why?

I know that it would turn out with a pH of approx. 12, but I have no idea why.

Help please?

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    I suspect if you tested bleach with pH indicator that it would be bleached. It will bleach litmus paper but I've not tried it on liquid indicator.

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    What I mean by 'why' is why is it a base? What in it's chemical formula is the reason for its pH levels?

    Is that more clear?

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    There are all kinds of bleaches. Many of the chlorine bleaches contain NaOCl as the active ingredient. NaOCl hyrolyzes in water solution as
    OCl^- + HOH ==> HOCl + OH^-
    So the pH is basic because this reaction releases OH ions.

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    A second reason, and perhaps more important than the first, is that Cl2 gas is passed through NaOH to make the NaOCl. Here is a site where you can read more about it.

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    If you tested bleach with an indicator, it would be a BASE with a high pH, because it is a very strong cleaning product.

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