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I really do not know how to get the answers to these, can you show me on a table form? Thanks
155km to m
2.56Ml to l
155um to mm
1,850nm to mm
1.68Gm to Mm
165pm to nm
2,750u to M
1.5kg to mg

I would like to know how to work these out. Thank you

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    You work them out by reading them
    155 thousand meters
    2.56 million liters
    Now many work out with just that.

    Some, like
    1,859nm to mm are more steps.

    1,859 *10^-9 meter= 1,859*10^-3*10^-6meters= 1.859*E 3-3-10 m (noticed I am using E to mean 10^)=1.859E3-10 millimeter= finally 1.859E-6 mm

    Give them a shot, and we can critique.

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    Dear Bob

    I don't understand what you mean.

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