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Could anyone help me write a four paragraph essay with a thesis statement, based on this question?:

Louis XIV declared his goal was 'one king, one law, one faith." Analyze the methods the king used to achieve this objective and discuss the extent to which he was successful.

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    If possible, please write background info on Louis in the first paragraph perhaps...

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    Of course, we'll be glad to HELP you write this essay.

    Show us what you have so far and then we'll help you from there.

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    Well, I know he was an absolutist, I know he drove out the Hughuenots by the Edict of Fontainebleu, and I know he was an ardent mercantilist. I just need to write out his exact methods to achieve "One king, one law, one faith," and how successful he was at it.

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    You should be able to get a lot of the information you need from this article.


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    yeah... about that,
    My history teacher doesn't want us to get info from wiki because he thinks it's "unreliable." besides i just need to show how successful he was and what made him successful at the goal...so.......... any ideas?

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    Try this article.


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    Thank you very much! this is good! helping me greatly!!!

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    Great! :-)

    You're very welcome.

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