Happy Thanksgiving

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I just want to wish everybody a happy thanksgiving day:-)

Happy thanksgiving day Ms. Sue:-)
I hope you have a wonderful day:-)

  • Happy Thanksgiving -

    thank you Sara, Happy Thanksgiving to your too.

  • Happy Thanksgiving -

    Thank you, Sara -- and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Reiny, and MathMate.

  • Happy Thanksgiving -

    Thank you Sara, happy Thanksgiving to you too, and to Reiny and Ms Sue.

  • Happy Thanksgiving -

    And, for the French speakers, Joyeux jour d'action de grĂ¢ce...

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • Happy Thanksgiving -

    Merci Mme Sra!

  • Happy Thanksgiving -

    But..it's not Thanksgiving yet!

  • Happy Thanksgiving -

    you too :)

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