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To Ms. Sue

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The list of conditions:

1.lower taxes
2.higher wages
3.access to healthcare
4.stop unearned benefits access to food
6.low food prices
7.less rent payment

Ms. Sue I read through the website you provided for me very carefully. These are mostly the things I could pick out from there. Again please add to it if you can, I have put in all my effort in this, hopefully it won't go in vain. Thanks alot Ms. Sue:-)

  • To Ms. Sue -

    This is a better list. But please take out numbers 3 and 4. They were not applicable at the time of the French Revolution.

    I think you're ready to turn in this list. :-)

  • To Ms. Sue -

    thanks Ms. Sue.

    1.lower taxes
    2.higher wages access to food
    4.low food prices
    5.less rent payment

    Is this all I need? This is all I had in mind, but if you have any more then please feel free to post them up, thanks

  • To Ms. Sue -

    Your list is fine!

  • To Ms. Sue -

    thanks alot :-)

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