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I have to write an essay on this topic. Describe a person (even yourself) at a time of great emotion; for example, joy, anger, grief, etc.

I want to write about the day when my baby sister was born.

I haven't done any work yet. i want to do some drafting work first so i can see how it will be organized.
so right now i just want to gather ideas about my topic and maybe freewrite a little.

can you tell me how to get started on that, and what type of information i can include in this. because right after this i will do the rough draft and the thesis. thanks

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    Brain storm. Write ideas down on paper. Use colorful adjectives and phrases to describe your feelings. As ideas occur to you -- jot them down.

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    i'm chosing to write on this because the memory is really fresh in my mind right now. (it happened 3 weeks ago)
    When my mom and dad went to the hospital i had two feelings that came to me immediately.
    first excitement
    and second. fear

    i know i was excited for the baby's arrival, but i was a little scared that something might go wrong.

    i was getting very impatient as the day went on
    i was calling my parents every half hour to ask how it was going
    there were also a bunch of phone calls coming in from my relatives around the world.
    at 10 in the night we found out it was a girl :)
    my dad came to pick us up and take us to the hospital...

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    Explore your feelings of excitement and fear in more depth.

    Of course, you'll want to include your phone calls as part of your narrative. What about your siblings? Were they as anxious as you?

    But as I read your assignment, the emphasis should be on your emotions. Describe them fully.

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    the level of excitement was getting higher and higher as the day went on.
    it was just us 4 kids at home waiting anxiously for some news of the baby
    the day seemed to stretch on forever, ... because there was nothing to do but wait
    suddenly negative feelings started coming in my head
    i started to think about what would happen if something went wrong
    all of a sudden i realized that i was worrying about my mom more and more and the excitement started to slowly die away

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    That's a good start on your brainstorming draft.

    You might want to use this thesaurus to explore words to describe your emotions and the excitement you felt.

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    just want to congratulate you, for the new arrival of your sister.

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    aww thank you

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