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1.Which of the following can dramatically improve your grade on an essay?
A.Providing an outline.
B.Choosing an effective thesis sentence.
C.Setting aside time to rewrite your essay.
D.Writing on an interesting topic.
.I chose d.

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    I think D. is the least important to dramatically improve your grade.

    The other three choices are much more important. An argument can be made for any of the three choices. However, I'll vote for C. My husband was the author of nine books -- and believe me, he wrote, rewrote, revised, and revised again. His manuscripts needed almost no editing from his publisher after all of his rewrites.

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    wow what is your husbands name. What kind of books does he make?By the way thank you for your help.

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    My husband was John Eastman.,-1988)_W0QQitemZ341225309939QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20091006?IMSfp=TL091006157004r19760

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    Wow that's your husband he is an great author!!

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    Yep. :-)

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    Please note that he always had some kind of outline and thesis sentence, also.

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    Yes i will note that..thank you ..

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    Did he write a book called mrs.pear's cottage?

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    oh ok can i google him would it come up and if i can what should i search?

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    I can agree with Ms.Sue those three elements are really important. You can find an outline. rules for rewriting and some tips for writing an effective thesis statement available on the net. In case you would need some professional help, I would recommend you to contact Supreme essay service. Those guys are real professionals in what they do. Give them a try. Good luck!

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