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A student throws a set of keys vertically upward to her sorority sister, who is in a window 4.30 m above. The keys are caught 1.30 s later by the sister's outstretched hand.
(a) With what initial velocity were the keys thrown?
_____________ m/s upward

(b) What was the velocity of the keys just before they were caught?
___________ m/s upward or downward

Can someone help me set up ?Or explain it please. Thank you!

  • physics -

    (a) 4.30 = Vo*t - (g/2) t^2
    = Vo*1.3 - (1/2)*9.81*(1.3)^2
    Solve for Vo.
    1.3*Vo = 4.30 + 8.29 = 12.59 m
    Vo = 9.68 m/s

    (b) Use conservation of energy
    Initial KE - Final KE = M g * 4.30 m
    (Vo^2 - Vf^2)/2 = g * 4.30 m

    Solve for the final velocity Vf. The keys could be on the way up or down.

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