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My son's teacher asked him to give the opposites of these words..I can't seem to think of them myself..I am sitting here breaking my head, can anyone please help me.
1. bread
2. sack
3. peek
4. bare
5. wrap
6. cent
7. cell
8. knit
9. knot

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    I don't think there are antonyms for at least some of those words. I checked the first three in your list in these two antonym sites -- and found nothing.



    You might try the rest of the words.

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    1.bread uncoventional
    2.sack hired
    3.peek pack
    4.bare arilled
    5.wrap unwrap
    6.cent caulescent
    7.cell cellular
    8.knit direct
    9.knot unravel
    10.lead deficit

    there is such thing as opposites for this problem if you are looking for synonyms then ms.sue is right i looked on the internet for these answers so here you go

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