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1. Capstone CheckPoint
„h Due Date: Day 4 [Individual forum]
„h Answer the following questions in a 100- to 200-word response. Cover each bullet point in your answer.
o In the future, how will thinking critically influence the ways that you:
„h Read?
„h Write?
„h Process information?
o Why and how could you apply critical thinking when evaluating each of the following:
„h Articles
„h Advertising
„h Media
„h Conversations

  • college -

    I don't ever recall at the University of Texas, where I received my Bachelor's degree, of writing an essay "In the future, how will..or how could you "

    Goodness. I guess things have moved from the substance of the course, to how one feels about it, and how could one use it if one were competent in it.
    Critical thinking is not wishing, nor speculating about, the future.
    I would be much more comfortable as your professor in critiquing your essay for how you critically analyzed an issue, rather than critiquing your speculation on how you could use critical analysis if you were competent to do so.
    If this is typical of your assignments at this school, I would recommend doing some critical thinking on the value of that school. After all,it is your money (I assume). It certainly is your time.

    We will be happy to critique your thinking and work on this.

  • college -

    My question is why you are posting this here. Clearly all these things are asking about what YOU have learned, how YOU will apply critical thinking, etc.

    YOU must do your own thinking and writing.

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