reading strategies

posted by larry

1.Which of the following activities would best be suited for scaning?

A. Finding answers to the chapter review in history.
B. Looking at the article how to invest your money.
C.reading the short story the hunters daughter.
D. Both A & C.
I chose D.

2.All of the following statements about skimming are true EXCEPT:

A. Skimming is not an effective techniques for retaining information.
B. It does not require attentive reading.
C. Skimming is an effective technique for identifying the main idea.
D. Most of the reading you'll do in school involves skimming.
.I chose C.
3.Which of the following is not important in SQR3 method?
A. increse in the speed of reading.
B. absortion of information
C.improvement of reading skills
D. increse in retention
.The answer is A.

  1. Ms. Sue

    Your 3rd answer is correct, but the other two are not right.

  2. bobpursley

    On two, skimming is in fact a good way to retain information. You scan for details, then focus on the details. Think about reading the newspaper. Most of skim articles, then stop on important details or facts to analyze. I certainly do that. I bet you read this response the same way.

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