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Last time I asked this question, I forgot to come back here and check so I'm really sorry that I'm asking again but i need an answer to this!! because this exam was supposed to be due Monday

29. What forms the basis of the Czech economy?
a. subsistence farming
b. arms production
c. tourism
d. industry
I'm thing either B or D..?

36. I need a map of the North African coast and the countries closest to it.


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    Please click on your name above to see all of the posts you've made.

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    OK, thanks
    I still havn't asked 36 i think though..

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    And I clicked on my name but I can't find 29...


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    Another technique for finding posts is to search for key words in the Search box on the upper right. I found your original post about the Czech economy that way.

    I think I've also posted this map for you before.

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    You're welcome.

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    So from reading the 'economy' section in this site I'm guessing its...D?


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    Yes. The Czech economy depends upon its manufacturing industry.

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    Thank you!! =)

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