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PHYSICS-Net external Force

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1. Two tugboats pull a barge across the harbor. one boat exerts of force of 7.5 x 10^4 N North, while the second boat exerts a force of 9.5 x 10^4 N at 15.0 degrees north of west. Precisely, in what direction does the barge move?

2. A traffic signal is supported by two cables, each of which makes an angle of 40.0 degrees with the vertical. If each cable can exert a maximum force of 7.50 x 10^2 N, what is the largest weight they can support?

  • PHYSICS-Net external Force -

    1. It moves in the direction of the resultant force

    2. Write an equation that says that the resultant vertical force is zero. With a bit of trigonometry, that will let you solve for the cable tension.

    Please show your work

  • PHYSICS-Net external Force -


  • PHYSICS-Net external Force -


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