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algebra 2

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for each function, find an equasion for the inverse. then use composition to verify that the equasion you wrote is the inverse.

please explain how you got the answer

  • algebra 2 -

    An inverse just undoes what the original function did, so you can get it by doing the opposite of what the original functtion did, in reverse order.

    g(x) tells you: multiply by -6, then add 5.

    Its inverse will tell you: subtract 5, then divide by -6.

    Example: g(2) = 2*-6 + 5 = -7.
    Inverse (call it h()):
    h(-7) = (-7-5)/-6 = 2

    so h(x) is going to look like (x-5)/-6.

    Composition means finding h(g(x)); in other words write out g(x) in full instead of x and then apply h(x) to it, and if we're right, the whole mess should come back to be equal to x, where we started.

    h(g(x)) = ((-6x+5)-5)/-6

    Does that get back to plain old x?

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