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WHy is it better to use a wet mount preparation rather then a dry one?

are plant and animal cells prokaryotic or eukaryotic?

WHy do cells have different shapes and sizes?

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    here is the answer to your last question.

    Cells have different sizes because of how their cytoskeletons are arranged (action, microtubules, microfilaments)that act as a framework for the organelles of the cell to rest on cells are different shapes for their specific fuctions, red blood cells are shaped like a doughnut to carry more hemoglobin, and to fit through small spaces, your epithelia of your gut have many small finger-like extensions to increase surface area to absorb the nutrients from digestion, and your neurons are long and skinny to span wide places to send signals around your body

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    here is the answer to your 2nd question

    Plant and animal cells are Eukaryotic.They have nuclei,therefore they are eukaryotic. Prokaryotes lack nuclei.

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    Emma -- when you copy and paste, you should indicate the source of your information.

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    you can just post these on google, and you'll eventually come up with some searches, from which you can find your answers.

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    Usually, wikipedia works best, but if you have a texbook then it is even better.

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    No, Emma. That isn't enough. Plagiarism is not permitted on the Jiskha forum, and you've plagiarized by copying someone else's words and not giving them credit.

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    oh, I am very sorry, I promise this won't happen again, I am verry sorry Ms.Sue

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