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I have to write a poem about a memory and it says include a sentence of a question or feeling you had at that time and i don't quite get that. Also i just forgot what a stanza(spelling?) written like. Any help?
Thank you!

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    It's asking you to have one sentence expressing a feeling or question you had at the time you're remembering.

    For instance, if I were writing about a family Thanksgiving, I might say something about the warm, affectionate feelings I had about my family.

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    Ok & I know that a stanza is a paragraph in a poem, but is there a specfic number of sentences in the stanza? I mean like what are the rules of a stanza

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    There are no rules for the length of a stanza -- unless you're writing in a strict form like a sonnet.

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    You get the prize for the most interesting question for today.
    Basically, there are no rules, except the rhyming scheme and meter.

    I like that Wiki article.

    Good question.

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    Thank You!!

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    whatever memory you choose, how were you felling at exactly that time, right then and a stanza is like the separate paragraphs in a poem like when it skips a couple lines those separate paragraphs are stanzas hope i could help=)

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    Patrick, you get to take 7th grade Eng over again. Read the Wikepedia article.

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