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DESPITE stephanie's dog's ________appearance, she spent _______________ amount on grooming

i put despite stephanies dogs orderly apperance, she spent an enormous amount on grooming

the answer: despite stephanies dogs disheveled apperance, she spent an inordanant amount on grooming

please explain why this is the answer thanks so much!

  • SAT sentence completion -

    The key word is "despite."

    It's the same idea as:

    Despite studying for the test, Stephanie still failed it.

  • SAT sentence completion -

    It's a case of opposites or contrast. You wouldn't spend "an enormous amount" on a dog that looked good. You'd spend it because the dog looked terrible!

    disheveled - ?

    orderly - ?

    Look these up at or

  • SAT sentence completion -

    i don't get it

    i thought was although the dog was (so already groomed and clean) she still spent a lot of money

    why is that wrong?

  • SAT sentence completion -

    It is wrong because it must follow the word "despite". Despite means not as a result of, but means instead of.

    Despite passing the twelfth grade with honors, she scored the SAT with a grade of 340.

  • SAT sentence completion -

    i mean if it was BECAUSE instead of DESPITE... then it would make sense

    because it looked horrible, she spent an excessive amount

    but since it is despite

    although it looked horrible, she spent a lot of money?

    that makes no sense to me

  • SAT sentence completion -

    Despite passing the twelfth grade with honors, she scored the SAT with a grade of 340

    exactly it makes sense. HONORS and 340 are OPPOSITES.

    orderly and a lot of money = opposites.
    (why would u spend that much money if its orderly)

    terrible looking and a lot of money follow nicely together....thus NOT despite

  • SAT sentence completion -

    OK,you are at the heart of the critism of the SAT. The "right" answers are based on a majority vote, in reality, there are several logical answers. You just pointed out one, but unfortuantly, the majority did not agree with you on the "right" answer. Dumb down some.

    I worked at Princeton one summer on this stuff, it was somewhat reveling to me on what college scores mean. What they mean (sometimes) is that kids have differing views on what a sentence or word (as in analogies) thinks, and sometimes the kid is a great thinker who sees things differently. I don't have any advice for you, except MENSA later on in you life will offer some encouragement.

  • SAT sentence completion -

    One rule of thumb on these is (believe it or not), when answering these types of sentences, pretend you are reading what TIME magazine would write. That is what I mean by dumbing down.

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