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Chemistry 130

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Can someone please help me and let me know if these questions and answers are correct? I just need a second opinion…and if there not correct can you help me…please?!?

1.(3). In the Arrhenius definition, an acid is a substance that
a. turns litmus paper from blue to red
b. has a sour taste, and neutralizes bases
c. furnishes hydrogen ions in water solution
d. furnishes hydroxide ions in water solution
e. neutralizes acidic substances
I am stuck on this one, between A, B, and C, any suggestions?

2.(4). Which of the following is produced from the neutralization of an Arrhenius acid with an Arrhenius base?
a. a metal
b. an indicator
c. a salt
d. depends on the acid and base
e. an Arrhenius base
I believe this is C- a salt, is that correct?

3.(9). The higher the pH of a solution,
a. the more acidic it is
b. the greater the concentration of OH- ions
c. the less basic it is
d. the greater the concentration of hydronium ions
e. answers a and c are correct
I put B- the greater the concentration of OH- ions, is that right?

4.(10). If hydronium ions or hydroxide ions are added beyond the buffer capacity, the added excess ions will
a. precipitate
b. neutralize each other
c. have no effect on the pH
d. change the pH
e. form a gas
I believe this is D- change the pH, is that right?

5.(11). What happens at the end point in a titration?
a. the pH of the solution is 7
b. the indicator is most colorful
c. there is an equal amount of acid and base
d. the indicator changes color
e. the pH of the solution drops
I have D- the indicator changes color, is that correct?

6.(13). What salt forms as the result of a mixture of calcium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid?
a. CaCl
b. CaHCl
c. CaCl2
d. CaOH
e. Cl(OH)2
I have C- CaCl2, is that correct?

Thanks so much for the help ;-)

  • Chemistry 130 -

    These look ok. The answer to 1 is c.

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