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Answer the following questions.

1. Look up the definition of "sexual responsibility," then in your own words, write the definition.

A: Obligations that you have when you know you have STIs towards the person you are engaging in sexual activity with.

2. List 4 or 5 factors to be considered before someone becomes sexually active.

A: Be sure you are ready. Protect yourself from STIs. Protect yourself from pregnancy (for girls). Understand what it means to lose your virginity. Know why you want to have sex. Know about the age of consent. Understand your body and your feelings. Remember it’s OK to say no to sex.

3. Give your opinion of why it is difficult for people to talk about sexual feelings and involvement.

A: Sometimes people don’t feel comfortable talking about sex because they feel they don’t know enough about the topic. Also because in some cultures it is taboo to talk about sex. And the fact that sex is a very intimate and personal subject so people feel embarrassed to talk about it.

Just checking to see if my responses are good enough.


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    I think you should add a few things to your answers.

    Doesn't sexual responsibility include protecting against pregnancy and considering the feelings of your partner?

    Before someone becomes sexually active, both BOYS and girls need to protect against pregnancy. It take two to tango, and it takes two to make babies.

    Also, if an underage girl has sex with a boy, even if he's underage, she can claim rape -- and in some instances make it stick and land the guy in jail.

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    1.A. It is best to not end the sentence with a preposition so you might reword it to "towards the person with whom you engaging in sexual activity."

    3.A. You are aware that the last 2 sentences could be written? It is also difficult because (for example) and Because sex is, etc.


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