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I have to write an essay, but I have no idea how to start it. It says that my essay has to be MLA formatted, and only 3/4 to 1 page long. 2 page is the longest it can be and must be double placed. Using MLA format, there's is no way for me a write a proper essay with that little space. Here is what I have to do:

An NHS (National Honor Society) member should:
-Exemplify good character
- Maintain exemplary scholarships (grades)
- Show leadership abilities and
- Perform Services

How do these traits apply to you? Elaborate with examples.

Should i write this in first person? I have no idea how to begin this, and it asked for an essay, so atleast 3 paragraphs I'm guessing? I do not think I will have enough room to write this essay. Any tips would be appriciated!

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    Yes, you must write it in the first person. Since I assume you're applying for NHS membership, you could start it with something like this. As a candidate for National Honor Society membership, I believe that I exemplify the high standards expected of its members.

    Although other types of writing require a longer introductory paragraph, that introductory statement is enough. It's also your thesis statement.

    Then go on to write four paragraphs showing how these traits apply to you. End the essay with a short conclusion.

    If your essay is too long, let it sit for a day or so, and then cut, cut, cut. Eliminate unnecessary and redundant words, phrases and sentences.

    You can do it! Good luck!

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    If I start the introductory paragraph to:

    As a candidate for National Honor Society membership, I believe that I exemplify the high standards expected of its members.

    Would I need to add on more to it to make it a little bit longer?

    I was thinking about adding this to it:

    I exemplify good character and maintain exemplary grades. I also posess the ability of a leader to otheres. This year, I am going to try to contribute to my computer the best that I can by performing services that will better not myself, but my community aswell.

    Do you think that is good to add in the introductory?

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    Also whats a good way to end your paragraphs? do i just restate what i wrote?

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    check spelling on "others" and "as well" (2 words)


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    essa start with hook then introduction then body pragraph three pcieces of avidance..then concluding sentence

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