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CaH2 is so reactive with water that it can be used to "dry" solvents other than water. If a sample if solvent that contains a total of 14g of water is added to 24.6g of calcium hydride, which of these will remain after the reaction is complete: water or calcium hydride?

A. CaH2 will be left over
B. water will be left over
C. these two will both be used up completely
D. there is no way to predict

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    write the balanced equation:

    CaH2 + 2H20>> Ca(OH)2+ 2H2

    So there are two moles of water for each mole of calcium hydride. Now figure the masses and see how much of each you have.
    If you have more than twice the moles of water, water will be left over.

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    See both answers given to the question below:

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    i got the mm of CaH2 to be 42.096 and the two moles of H2O to be 36.032. This means that CaH2 will be left over correct?

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